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Change is here…

Hi! I really appreciate you stopping for a second and reading this. First, to all those who have liked and commented on my posts, Thank YOU! You have been so encouraging and nice. So to begin with its time to... Continue Reading →


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The Once Lovers -

City girl

No one had to be told that she didn't grow up here. The confidence and the way she carried herself screamed about her life in the city. She was born here but lived here for not more than a year.... Continue Reading →


So I stood there waiting in line just like the others who had assembled to give the entrance exam. And coincidentally I happened to be a spectator to this conversation between a group of four.  They caught my eye when... Continue Reading →

New post on Instagram!

Hey! I posted  on instagram!  Go check it out. Trying my hand at photography for once. Not a pro but do tell me your views. Follow me there for more.

She is strong but tired She is fed up of empty promises adding up to her trust issues. She knows its time, time to begin again Its time to end everything, leave everything and begin again. Just like she has... Continue Reading →

Check it out!

Hey Guys just started a new Instagram account/page. Planning on posting opinions and thoughts on it. It might just be more updated than this blog but this wont be neglected either. The username is: mydreamcloud28. Go check it out and... Continue Reading →

The Magic Wall

The world saw the smiles, the enthusiasm and the optimist. After all that is what she portrayed. No one had to know how she really felt. Its not like she didn't want to share. She made some attempts but in... Continue Reading →


(picture: Google images) A mist covers her dreams, there are decisions she must take. Uncertainties haunt her days, they make the good things seem fake. To do it or to not? A question she asks everyday. It seems all a... Continue Reading →

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