I don’t know why people refer to themselves as my best friend. i don’t know why people makes promises of being there with me…but honestly i have now realized how shallow their promises are. How shallow their feelings…their friendship towards me are.

Life teaches us lesson in one way or other…either it gives us prior warnings or it takes your test and then teaches you a lesson. But the point is how much do we implement these lessons in our lives…

People come and go….their memories and impact on our lives is what remains be it in a good way or bad.

After a few experiences of trusting the wrong person I can say this….Its not the heart’s fault that it makes you trust these people but the horrible intentions and shallow thoughts of the person that make them the wrong person to trust. I really wish to tell people if you are providing people with support or your friendship…provide it to them with only the intention to do something good for them and you will bear the fruit of it soon.

Life is too short to live by hurting people. You will become lonely some day. Love the people around you and see how your life is filled with happiness, love and togetherness of loved ones.Don’t tell people that they are your best friend or you are their best friend because not everyone is honestly your friend. Mean what you are saying and then commit, you will cause less pain.

And as it is said…A friend in need is a friend indeed.