Immature Fruit

I wish I could write about Humanity and peace,
I wish I had the gift to speak for the people in need.

I wish I could in my verses cry for the mothers whose children were killed,
Or the father who couldn’t afford medicine for a daughter who was ill.

I wish I could rise against tyranny with my words,
And bravely talk about the truths that have gone unheard.

I wish I could ink about people who die for an actual cause,
And express the pains of this Human race at large.

Saqi, I wish I wasn’t the poet who came to your tavern and thought of love,
I wish I was the soul who dedicated words to the people who deserved them well.

Oh Beloved ! but dont dare think my intentions are to disgrace you ever, God forbid !
Even after such bitter words in every poem I write…

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