So..I started this blog in 2014, well its been a while and it looks like a teenage girl’s blog (which it was and that has to change), who is trying her hand at writing and craves for inspiration (and appreciation). But now that I look back I realize I am a changed person. I am a teenager, still scared of the storm outside my world, my sanctuary. But I am a lot more than that, I am a strong individual ready to take on the world, ready to fly, to get hurt, to make decisions, to be an adult.

So, keeping my stupid rambling a side, I have decided that its time  my blog changes along with me. I think its time I make it more of An-almost-going-to-college-girl blog.

So I have decided that it is going to have more of such rambling posts..where I am just writing my heart out, more of sharing of experiences and definitely more posting.

I m also looking forward for advises coming in from all of my readers, as I deal with situations and get ready to take on this world.

Peace out!