So recently I have been going through this phase in high school. It has dawned upon me that I am surrounded by people who call themselves “my friends” but honestly they aren’t.

I am confused now. Who should I really be trusting? Every one seems fake, wrong and ready to use you like you are a paper napkin. People are lying to you constantly. One second they are your best best best buddies…but the other second they are passing weird looks to another person about you.

So I shared this experience with my mom and according to her this is a phase that everyone goes through so they are able to move out of school easily and also are able to work on those grades that really matter. But does this really happen with everyone?(someone tell me please!)

I have been getting advises from some really dependable sources. My cousin says that I shouldn’t really be worrying about high school friends because they aren’t real. (really?)

A close friend says that I care too much, and maybe if I stop caring too much things would be better. (really?)

I have come to the conclusion that maybe I should actually become less social now. Maybe just keeping to my books, my studies would reduce all of this high school drama  but again all I wanted was to graduate out off high school with great memories of friends and the fun times we had, but it looks like it is going to be only memories of once a social girl, who now takes refuge in the shadows of books…

Peace Out!