Sometimes I wonder, if I am being really fair 

Pretending to be who I m not, hiding my true self from the people I love but again who am I really?

Am I that strong and bold girl that is on the stage or am I a shy observer who likes to keep everything to herself?

Am I the one who says she can’t sing or the one who sings in the silence of her room and is told by her mom to sing often?

Am I the one who is silent and observant or the one who is screaming to voice her opinions?

But the confusion is within me.. The world can’t know..

So for the world I m naïve and oblivious to stuff that they think I don’t know.

I m just a nerd, sitting with books when everyone isn’t.

Being pretending all this while, a few years won’t hurt. What would is letting the real me out and she remains forgotten in the deep dungeons of my life.