The world saw the smiles, the enthusiasm and the optimist. After all that is what she portrayed. No one had to know how she really felt.

Its not like she didn’t want to share. She made some attempts but in vain.

Its not like she didn’t trust people but the fact that they wouldn’t keep up with it anyway now made her question that again and again.

Behind the magic wall of an optimist, hid an insecure human.

Behind all the smiles, hid a tear stained face.

Behind all the enthusiasm towards something, hid a girl with trust issues and doubt written on her face.

But the Magical Wall was her creation, she was a master of its display.  The wall- opaque obviously but strong from the very base.

So on the wall she paints the picture of a perfect bubbly girl that the world must see.

Her true self just a story that was a secret she would never share.

You still don’t know who or how she is, so don’t judge because the story is vast and worse than the words above explain.