So I stood there waiting in line just like the others who had assembled to give the entrance exam. And coincidentally I happened to be a spectator to this conversation between a group of four. 

They caught my eye when I was trying to figure out which course these two girls (A and B)were here to give exam for. So one of these girls, A had come with her brother and B with her mother.

Both girls seemed intelligent and ambitious and their conversations confirmed that. The two were engrossed discussing school and life ahead just like any other at our age. What disturbed me was the conversation between the brother and the mother.

Ideally I shouldn’t be over hearing but sometimes conversations are so shocking, that you are bound to listen. The brother very casually continued to talk about how he wasn’t convinced with the idea of his sister wanting to do a professional graduation course. He rather felt it will be better if she did a small course and got married eventually.

The gentlemen, who yes looked educated and well placed had no intention of supporting his sister’s dreams and that was a mindset he wasn’t going to budge from. The girl was here ready to take on the world but with hardly any support. 

It’s saddening to know that our society has still not developed as much as we think it has. I mean yes, girls are being given opportunities and yes they are allowed to take these entrance tests or choose their career options but these attempts are being regarded as waste of time and money. Who knows how many of these are allowed to actually attend or even complete these courses. 

Now I m not saying that all are like that because I belong to the same society and my family is very supportive of my career. Nor am I trying to promote feminism or raising attention towards gender equality and other issues of such nature. But I only want highlight that after all the efforts made towards promoting gender equality or women empowerment we still fail to change mindsets in so many.

Today I talk about an incident in a two-tier city. What about the ones below in the hierarchy? What are we missing on that we can’t change these mindsets at large.

The families in metropolitan cities are definitely changing but we aren’t able to touch the mass. I talk about a country like India which with its amazing leaders is heading towards turning new leaves every day. What about the other countries. The one having more backward cultures? What do you have to measure that things are changing at the grass level? That social issues are being eradicated from the roots?

I only ask questions. Do we have the answers?