I really appreciate you stopping for a second and reading this. First, to all those who have liked and commented on my posts, Thank YOU! You have been so encouraging and nice.

So to begin with its time to bring a lil change around here. Why you may ask, you see this blog has always been like a public diary, the things I write are basically me venting it out. Mostly. And now that I m changing, now that I m going to be an adult soon and start college this September I think its time the blog changes a bit as well.

But here’s an issue, I don’t know how to bring that change. I m still very naïve when it comes to effectively maintaining this space. So I reach out to all the wonderful writers, bloggers out there for tips that I can use, advices and guidance. I reach out to all the readers, to let me know what they would like to see around here.

I await your response, help me evolve 🙂