Take on the world

views of a high school girl


Its magical, almost unreal.

It’s another level of imagination.

Right now, it feels so right, so perfect.

Its a dream come true, an experience I might regret

But, its completely worth it.

I know its going to shatter soon but I question myself is it a blessing or a boon?

Oblivious and naïve

Sometimes I wonder, if I am being really fair 

Pretending to be who I m not, hiding my true self from the people I love but again who am I really?

Am I that strong and bold girl that is on the stage or am I a shy observer who likes to keep everything to herself?

Am I the one who says she can’t sing or the one who sings in the silence of her room and is told by her mom to sing often?

Am I the one who is silent and observant or the one who is screaming to voice her opinions?

But the confusion is within me.. The world can’t know..

So for the world I m naïve and oblivious to stuff that they think I don’t know.

I m just a nerd, sitting with books when everyone isn’t.

Being pretending all this while, a few years won’t hurt. What would is letting the real me out and she remains forgotten in the deep dungeons of my life.


He was a mystery to her, the one she couldn’t solve.

His face was so calm and serene but she always wondered if there was something else she could see.

He was extrovert, an orator at his best yet he kept himself away from the rest.

His actions unpredictable, his signals confusing.

Sometimes she thought that he looked at her. She hoped for her thoughts to be true.

But then he would ignore her and break her heart into two.

He never shared his feelings. Secluded himself from the world and from her.

The whole world gave him attention but if only he would pay heed.

Someone was really waiting to know him better and not for selfish needs

Drifted apart

​It hurts me how we have become so distant,

It fills my heart with sorrow this very instant.

We were close enough to beat the whole world together, but sadly now we stand against each other.

I told someone once that U and I were never competitors

But now I don’t know if what else I can call us

I know things have been said and done  and they hurt us all the time

But I have always said this and I say it again..I m always by your side


I had promised you my support.

I had promised to stay by you.

I had promised to be the one who you could call your constant.

You promised to be my main.

You promised to be my guardian angel.

Time has passed and we have changed.

There was a difference in our promises and it still remains

Your promises were just hollow words said in a children’s play

But mine were true and I promise to keep them. Always

I had dreamt

I had a dream of  us having a fantastic final year of school

I had a dream that we would be the queens of high school

I had a dream of winning every race with you as my co-driver 

But sadly my dreams have shattered, you have brushed off our friendship like it never mattered

And today I m crying while I hurt myself with broken pieces of my dreams that for me, still matter.

She never thought this day would come

“You will have to leave us and go someday..”

She had heard this all her childhood like any other Indian girl and honestly she was prepared for what was to come.

“I don’t want you to leave me and go..” 

But it was the first time in 17 years of her existence that she had said this to her mother.

And that is when she realized how uncertain her life had become.

And she? Was as unprepared as ever.

Time heals everything

She had made walls around her since that horrid day,

She wouldn’t believe a word anyone would say.

Her world was an isolated room, with her books, her work and herself.

But somewhere she knew, this room won’t last long..and her world will come crumbling down.

Time ran along with her beating heart and soon she was to make a choice..

A new start that could fill the void

Or return to her world and just avoid.

Time would heal everything she had been told, so she looked one last time at her world and took a leap of faith and made a start.

Unsure about the future but sure that another heartbreak would only kill her already broken heart.

Worth it

She had taken a risk for sure,

She was sitting on a ticking time bomb.

She knew the cat would be out of the bag soon, but this time she wasn’t afraid.

Because she wasn’t the same anymore.

She had matured as a person. And she knew in the end.. Everything will be worth it.

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